Learning about how to plan for retirement need not feel like learning another language. The plans are easier to understand than you may think, if you have an expert at your side, this is why we specialize in international investment products, so that you can rest assured.
pension is defined as a regular payment made to a person after the fulfilment of certain conditions of service, usually upon retirement.  Pension plans can be state-sponsored, company or employer-sponsored, union-sponsored, occupational, or personal, and they vary widely in terms of contributions and provisions.  Although pensions are often closely associated with retirement, one does not necessarily have to be retired in order to receive a pension.
An International Pension Plan is a defined contribution plan that combines administration, investment and trust services. Plans are tailored according to specific circumstances of a person. If it is a Corporate Plan, it can be tailored according to the company’s specific requirements our consultants will work with you to develop the most appropriate plan.
If you’re a lump sum investor looking for variety, income and or growth potential not offered by traditional banking products, our investment products can suit your needs.
Investing for your children’s educations since early childhood is another drive to hold an investment product.
Feel free to contact one of our Consultants for further details in the different options.