31 Aug 2014
August 31, 2014

Maternity Coverage

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Optimized-canstockphoto9936285Maternity can be an expensive and complicated time for a family or an individual, it is important for women to plan ahead. Purchasing insurance with maternity coverage will help ease the stress of having to pay thousands of dollars for prenatal, newborn and postnatal care. Understanding considerations and factors when choosing an insurance plan will help you experience the best maternity coverage possible.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful and heart-warming experience, but if you don’t plan on how to pay for the associate expenses, it can turn into a period filled with bad experiences really fast.

When looking into insurance coverage make sure you understand what you plan covers for prenatal and postnatal checkups, newborn care and complications during pregnancy.

Most insurers will not accept your application if you are already pregnant so it’s important to find a plan that includes maternity care before you become pregnant. Keep in mind- if you become pregnant after already purchasing your insurance plan, there may be a waiting period that needs to be met before you are able to receive full maternity benefits, typically 10 to 12 months for conception to take place. Once you complete the waiting period your maternity coverage according to the plan that has been chosen will begin.

A newborn will have some coverage for a short period of time, to provide for him to be included in the policy holder´s coverage. It is important to include complications of maternity and newborn to the coverage, as some might be limited. If a rider is offered, it is recommended that it is taken.

When thinking about starting a family, make sure you include a Maternity coverage that fits your needs.

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